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"The Great Buddha Arrival"

The Great Buddha Arrival The Original is a Japanese full-length movie made and released in 1934 (Showa 9) by Edamasa Yoshiro.

It is one of the earliest Japanese “Tokusatsu (special effects)” movies, which is exemplified by “Kaiju (monster)” movies.

These films established and spread the image of Tokusatsu movies. In the film, the Shurakuen Buddha statue, located in Aichi, suddenly sprang to his feet and wandered around Nagoya city.

The story became even stranger when Heaven and Hell appeared later in the film.

Unfortunately the film was destroyed during World War ll. 


In 2018, more than 80 years after the debut of the original film, notable film makers/Tokusatsu fans came together to reboot the film for a whole new generation.

They were eager to redefine the original film, which is widely regarded as the most important in the history of Tokusatsu, and to share its value with future audiences.

A lot of themes from the original film's story are still relevant today; the idea of life and death, tension of war, and the story of the suicide incidents of 1933. 

The creators acquired approval from Mr. Butsuhara Kazuyoshi, Yoshiro's grandson, to make an independently produced reboot of the original film.

They combined contemporary themes with old-school special effects which had been highly advanced at the time in order to show their respect to the original film.

The film includes prolific actors from the Tokusatsu genre, such as Takada Akira.


"The Great Buddha Arrival"

Produced And Directed by Hiroto Yokokawa

Writen by Hiroto Yokokawa,Yuki Yonezawa & Kazuma Yoneyama

A Great Buddha status design by Keisuke Yoneyama

Music by Hiromi Shinoda

Cast:Masanori Kikuzawa / Kazuma Yoneyama / Yuma / Momoka Iwata / Takashi Yasuda / Peggy Neal / Shelley Sweeney / Yoshihiko Otsuki / Junichi Nirasawa / Yukijirō Hotaru / Yoshirō Uchida / Yukiko Kobayashi / Akira Kubo / Shiro Sano / Bin Furuya / Akira Takarada

Art staff: Takuma Asai / Karin Yamada / Ryo Kimoto / Hiroki Ishikawa

Consulting producer: Avery Guerra

Brain: Kensaku Sakai

Advisor: Kazuyoshi Butsuhara / Yukinobu Shuzui

Production: 3Y Film / MRTS

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